The Partner in Pet Food division generates 250 million EUR sales in Western and Central & Eastern Europe and serves most of the largest European retailers with private label products. Partner in Pet Food is headquartered in Hungary, managing the sales and production in 5 countries with a total of 1000 employees across Europe.
We are one of the leading private label producers in Europe. Our extensive and diverse knowledge of manufacturing high quality products coupled with our efficient customer service is made possible due to our motivated and dedicated staff.  Adhering to core values such as integrity, openness and honesty, Partner in Pet Food employees have created an enterprise that will prosper, evolving whenever necessary to deal with the ever changing world of animal nutrition.

At Partner in Pet Food, we pay meticulous attention to the motivation and training of our staff.  This same serious attention to detail trickles down to our teams who apply the same work ethic to ensure that our pet foods give dogs and cats the best possible nutrition throughout their lives.